Someone once said “The Children are our future” At Namefactory we firmly believe this. In a world of digital devices and mindless content, we built a magical place where NAMESONG® songs are created for children around the world. We have written original songs where every child can hear their own name, songs that teach yet are entertaining, amusing and enjoyable. Songs that are accompanied by fun, bright and harmless animations. Songs where every child is addressed personally, giving them inclusion, satisfaction and confidence. We are using technology to improve and enhance traditional values. 

Namefactory was founded in 2010 by 2 individuals. As parents to young children, we recognised there is a need to allow children to use technology but without losing some of those traditional values of old.

At Namefactory we firmly believe that the children are our future


NAMESONG® is a collection of cheerful and educating children songs with your child’s name recurring in each one. Every NAMESONG® is dedicated especially to your child and every song and animation takes them on a different exciting adventure! 

NAMESONG® is a collection of cheerful and educating children songs with your child’s name recurring in each one. Every NAMESONG® is dedicated especially to your child and every song and animation takes them on a different exciting adventure! 

For example, your child can wake up with NAMESONG® “Morning song”, learn how to eat healthy with the “Good food song”, learn the alphabet with the  “Alphabet song” or travel around the world, discovering new places with the “Travel song” or much more.

All NAMESONG® songs are written by well-known and established Estonian and English songwriters and performed by singers from England, Brazil, Germany to name a few. All our songs are fantastically well produced and the inclusion of any child’s name to individualise them sounds natural. The songs and names are all sung in each language by the same singer making the insertion of any name seamless.

We currently have our catalog of songs available in 4 languages – Estonian, Russian, Danish and Swedish. English and German are due to be launched late 2019 early 2020. Portuguese is a work in progress and Spanish and French are due in the near future. Further languages from Asia and the Far East are also planned.


A name makes every person unique in a way. Kids love to hear their name.  Attention is so very important for children, addressing them personally gives them encouragement and support.


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Animated stories nourish a child’s imagination and emotional growth. Human beings absorb most of their learning through their Eyes and Ears.



Namefactory was born in 2010 under the name of Happy Kid. The founder members are Tarmo Sikk and Marek Marana. Their vision and passion then and now was to produce fun, educational, entertaining songs for children, personalised to include the child’s name, but not the usual robotic stretched name insert usually found on CD’s. 

On a business trip to London in 2008, Tarmo purchased such a CD from Hamleys for his young daughter and after 1 play it was consigned to the bin. It offered no quality or excitement to either parent or child. However, a seed was planted and Tarmo knew he could create something so much better on all levels. The vision and dream were to have original songs and music that whilst entertaining and captivating also had an element of education allowing children to learn whilst having fun.  Happy Kid was born and the hard work began.

Enlisting the help and support from friends and friends of friends, Tarmo and Marek soon had a number of original songs, written by a well known Estonian singer along with the technology to insert sung names into the songs seamlessly. Once burnt onto CD and packaged it was then posted on to the happy recipient. From the outset, the vision was always to have global coverage with many, many languages. As a home country and a small-sized test market, Estonian was always to be the first language. Market research and purchase saturation with the CD format reached 7%. It was clear early on that to break into other languages and markets a digital option needed to be developed, as CD’s and international postage was becoming fast outdated. At the same time, newer and faster technology was becoming available to allow the development of the app. 


Songs available to download from Appstore app Download app here


As well as continuing to develop further languages, additional songs and increasing the name banks, NAMESONG® is developing Brand merchandise and toys as well as planning personalised, interactive digital storybooks and personalised interactive digital mathematics and spelling games. NAMESONG® will soon have vinyl records available for that exclusive gift.


We love to talk about NAMESONG®, if you want to find out more, just pop an email to:


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